Airbnb launched a new brand identity, and because they are powered by their community, they wanted a brand that can be shared and distributed. Our team came up with a Create platform allowing Airbnb to do something no brand has ever done: hand the brand over to the community to let them constantly reinterpret it. 

 Cross-team collaboration sessions at Airbnb with dev, brand, design and UX

Cross-team collaboration sessions at Airbnb with dev, brand, design and UX

ROLE - Executive Creative Director
Pitch & scope
Team and client integration model
Concept & strategy
Hands on guidance on visual, XD, copyCreative/dev team & working model


On-site client review and demo days showing progress on the configurator tool

Responsive site/ web app
Symbol generator
Story aggregator
Social integration
Social response

Within the site, a custom symbol tool allowed users to tell and share their personal story about the brand (host and or guest perspective)

This program was a key to the transition from campaign to product design and tested the capabilities of the team. Investment in socializing and teaching collaborative workshop process, transparent iteration and co-design methodologies to use with client paid off.  Managing through investment process and procedure had a greater return than searching for and staffing outside resources.

1000+ symbols and stories created per day since launch, Aug 2014

In addition to the responsive site and tool, our team led a social content lab at launch. We anticipated a lot of conversation, some of it positive, some snarky. We needed to be prepared with smart decisions about what to embrace and what to ignore. We created dozens of content pieces in a tricky moment for the brand that helped own the conversation.